Nestling Kids Keepsakes

Preserving precious memories with handcrafted keepsake memory teddy bears and other animals.

Established in 2015 as a small home-based business, Nestling Kids Keepsakes quickly grew into a full time pursuit. At this point we have lovingly crafted over 1000 keepsake teddy bears and other animals. We have made keepsake and memory animals from baby clothes and sleepers, baby blankets, pet blankets, school uniforms, and adult clothing - from Harley Davidson t-shirts to ladies blouses and nightgowns. Our completely hand-stitched family portraits, banners and mobiles hang in places of honour in many households.

Quality is the number one goal in everything we do. By drawing on years of experience in graphic arts and customer service, we are able to make the best choices to create the most beautiful keepsake with your treasured fabric, while guiding you through the process with compassion.

Thank you for choosing Nestling Kids Keepsakes!