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camouflage memory bears

Camouflage Memory Bears

We’re making a couple of camo bears this week and remembering some of the camo keepsakes we’ve made over the years. It’s always a popular print, for military, hunting and fashion. Each one turns out so differently 🥰
vintage baby quilt keepsake

Memory Puppy Made from Vintage Quilt

Throwback to this baby keepsake puppy we made a few years ago from a very well-loved baby quilt. This one was a real challenge, but SO worth it! It was thrilling to bring new life back to this vintage quilt and get it out on display where it belongs.
weighted memory bear

Baby Quilt Birth Weight Bear

We made this little birthweight bear (only 1lb 1.4oz!) from scraps from the quilt Gramma made. The bear turned out beautifully and I imagine the quilt is just as gorgeous!
baby blanket memory bear

Adorable Baby Blanket Keepsake Bear

This cutie! 🥰 We made this large baby keepsake bear from a cute terry sleeper and a flannel swaddle blanket. It doesn’t get much cuter than this!
baby quilt deer stuffed animal

Baby Quilt Deer

We made this large size keepsake deer from a vintage baby quilt. It’s so perfect!
weighted baby keepsake bear

Birth Weight Baby Keepsake Bear

We made this handsome baby birthweight bear from a selection of adorable sleepers and a blanket. It’s so cute! 🥰
Some Favourite Memory Bears

Some Favourite Memory Bears

Some favourites of late. We’re so grateful to be able to make keepsake and memory animals for you every day 💕
Get your own memory animal made from your loved one’s clothing here:
hospital blabket keepsake deer

Hospital Blanket Keepsake Deer

These past few weeks have been challenging, but things are looking up 😊 Here’s an adorable photo of the kid with our first deer prototype.
custom weighted teddy bears

Keepsake Birth Weight Teddy Bears

Gimme a hug! At 10lbs 3oz this guy is the heaviest birth weight bear we’ve made yet! Check out all of our weighted bear options at We can accommodate babies from micro-preemie size right up to 13lbs.
birth weight bear

Baby Blanket Birth Weight Teddy Bear

We made this sweet birth weight keepsake bear from a special shirt and a plush blanket. It’s SO soft and cuddly!
baby blanket keepsake bear

Hospital Blanket Keepsake Dragon

We made this adorable large keepsake dragon from a hospital blanket and a couple of pieces of baby clothing. It was fun making the customer’s vision come to life!
Baby Keepsake Bear Made from a Pillow Cover

Baby Keepsake Bear Made from a Pillow Cover

We love this adorable baby keepsake bear! It’s made from a nursing pillow cover with the most beautiful print. 😊
Get a keepsake bear made from your baby clothes or bedding here: