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memory bear made from shirt

Flannel Shirt Memorial Bear

Love this classic plaid memorial bear! We made it from a soft flannel button down shirt. Flannel is such a dream to work with and always makes a beautiful bear.
Harley Davidson Shirt Memorial Bear

Harley Davidson Shirt Memorial Bear

We have made many, many memorial animals from Harley Davidson t-shirts, but this was our first made from an HD button-down shirt! It’s so sweet. 
Classic Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

Classic Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

There’s something about a sweet and simple memorial bear. We made this classic teddy bear from a classic button-down shirt and he’s perfect 💕
plaid flannel shirt memory bear

Plaid Shirt Memorial Bears

ALL the plaid memorial bears! Plaid shirts are by far the most popular fabric for memorial bears, and we love them!
memory bear made from a shirt

Memorial Teddy Bear made from a Work Shirt

Sometimes simple is perfect. We made this memorial teddy bear from a favourite work shirt.
memory tyrannosaurus dinosaur stuffed animal

Business t-Rex Memorial Stuffed Animal

Business t-Rex needs a hug! We made this super sweet memorial tyrannosaurus stuffed animal from a favourite sweater and polo shirt, plus a necktie to complete the look. We love how adorable he is!
plaid flannel memorial teddy bear

Plaid Flannel Memorial Teddy Bear

We made two of these beautiful plaid memorial bears from a flannel shirt. We were even able to use the ruffle from the shirt placket on the bears’ bellies.
nestling kids keepsakes christmas gifts

Busy Making Keepsakes!

You guys, it’s been as busy as the holidays lately! We are both feeling grateful and exhausted. 🙂Here’s a small selection of some of the keepsakes we’ve made recently to tide you over until we can announce our ACTUAL HOLIDAY PLANS next week. Yup, it’s time to start thinking of the holiday season...
If you’re thinking of ordering keepsakes from us for holiday gifts this year, sooner is always better so don’t wait and miss out.
star wars monkey memory monkey

Darth Vader Memory Monkey Stuffed Animal

Gotta love this Dark Side memory monkey! He was made from a favourite Darth Vader t-shirt.
Get a memory monkey made from your loved one’s favourite t-shirt here:
memory dragon stuffed animal

Memory Dragon made from Dad's Shirts

This large memory dragon with prayer flags is definitely a recent favourite. It’s made from a couple of Dad's well-loved t-shirts.
floral memorial teddy bear

Floral Keepsake Teddy Bear

Oh, this floral memory bear is so lovely 💗 The hand embroidered initials and date add just the right amount of personality.
memory flamingo stuffed animal

Memory Flamingo made from Shirts

We made this super awesome memorial flamingo from a couple of flannel shirts. Love love love how it turned out! 😃