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Baby's 1st Christmas Keepsake Reindeer

Baby's 1st Christmas Keepsake Reindeer

We made this adorable baby keepsake reindeer from a selection of Christmas clothing. It’s SOOOO cute! What a great way to preserve baby’s first Christmas outfit ❤️
Baby's First Christmas Bear

Baby's First Christmas Keepsake Animals

What to do with your Baby’s First Christmas outfit? Send it to us and we’ll make an adorable keepsake animal! It’s the perfect way to preserve that sweet little outfit to bring you joy each and every year. 😍
plaid flannel shirt memory bear

Plaid Shirt Memorial Bears

ALL the plaid memorial bears! Plaid shirts are by far the most popular fabric for memorial bears, and we love them!
keepsake bears christmas 2020

Nestling Kids Keepsakes Holiday 2020

It’s that time, friends! Holiday orders start today, and we’ll close as soon as we reach our threshold this year. We expect to sell out quickly, so if you’re wanting to order keepsake animals from us for the holidays this year, get your order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!