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baby keepsake fox teddy bear

Baby Keepsake Fox Stuffed Animal

We’re so in love with this beautiful baby keepsake fox! The customer’s fabric choices are spot on 😊
handcrafted baby keepsake teddy bear

Handcrafted Baby Keepsake Bear with Embroidery

We made this gorgeous baby keepsake bear from a beautiful coming home outfit and matching baby blanket. It features initials and birthdate embroidered by hand.
unique handmade keepsake bears

Handmade Keepsake Bears are Unique

The handmade nature of our keepsakes gives each of them a distinct personality. We take pride in each of our unique keepsake and memory teddy bears.
Get a keepsake bear made from your baby clothes here:
weighted teddy bear reviews

Birth Weight Teddy Bear Reviews

Some recent reviews of weighted bears. We love making you guys so happy 😀
nestling kids keepsakes christmas gifts

Busy Making Keepsakes!

You guys, it’s been as busy as the holidays lately! We are both feeling grateful and exhausted. 🙂Here’s a small selection of some of the keepsakes we’ve made recently to tide you over until we can announce our ACTUAL HOLIDAY PLANS next week. Yup, it’s time to start thinking of the holiday season...
If you’re thinking of ordering keepsakes from us for holiday gifts this year, sooner is always better so don’t wait and miss out.
Preemie Birth Weight Teddy Bear

Preemie Birth Weight Keepsake Teddy

This sweet birth weight keepsake bear weighs only 1929 grams (or 4lbs 4oz). So cute and little!
cutest baby keepsake fox stuffed animal

Cutest Baby Clothes Keepsake Fox

How sweet is this fleece and jersey baby keepsake fox? The customer’s colour choices are perfect!
sloth print baby onesie teddy bear

Sloth Print Baby Keepsake Teddy Bear

This little sloth print baby keepsake bear might be the cutest thing we made this month. Sooo adorable! 🥰
patchwork baby clothes teddy bear

Patchwork Baby Clothes Bear

Oh, this sweetie patchwork style baby keepsake bear! 💗 We made her with a few little sleepers and onesies. Cutest!
mexican blanket striped keepsake raccoon stuffed animal

Colourful Striped Baby Keepsake Raccoon

Flashback to one of our favourite keepsakes we made this past year - this impossibly adorable stripey baby keepsake raccoon. 😍
baby sleeper keepsake bear

Keepsake Bear made from Baby Clothes

We made this cutie baby keepsake teddy bear from the sweetest kitty print sleeper. 💗
baby coming home outfit keepsake fox

Baby's Coming Home Outfit Fox Stuffed Animal

We made this adorable baby keepsake fox from a two-piece outfit and the softest receiving blanket ever. It’s SO cute!