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hospital blanket baby keepsake

Baby Keepsake Deer

Eeeek! This baby keepsake deer might be the cutest thing we’ve made all year. We made it from a footed sleeper, a onesie and a hospital blanket for a customer with very good taste!
baby quilt deer stuffed animal

Baby Quilt Deer

We made this large size keepsake deer from a vintage baby quilt. It’s so perfect!
baby blabket deer stuffed animal

Baby Blanket Deer Stuffed Animal

The keepsake deer has been so popular since we introduced it a few months ago! We love it when we’re able to create something that resonates with our customers so much 😀 This is one of our deer prototypes that we made with a couple of baby blankets.
Baby's 1st Christmas Keepsake Reindeer

Baby's 1st Christmas Keepsake Reindeer

We made this adorable baby keepsake reindeer from a selection of Christmas clothing. It’s SOOOO cute! What a great way to preserve baby’s first Christmas outfit ❤️
hospital blabket keepsake deer

Hospital Blanket Keepsake Deer

These past few weeks have been challenging, but things are looking up 😊 Here’s an adorable photo of the kid with our first deer prototype.
hospital blanket baby keepsake

Our NEW Keepsake Animal - The Keepsake Deer!

We’re so excited to introduce the Deer to the Nestling Kids Keepsakes menagerie! This little cutie is available in two sizes now at The deer is our first new animal in over a year and a great new addition to our memory bears and other animals.