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memory ornaments made from clothes

Add-on Memorial Ornaments

Don’t forget to add our ornaments to your keepsake order if you’re sending lots of fabric. It’s the perfect way to use up some of those precious fabric scraps!
custom keepsake ornament

Custom Memory Ornaments

Our add-on keepsake ornaments are made from scrap fabric from your memory bear order. Since we’ve already spent the time to cut up your loved one’s clothing and prepare it for making your memory animal(s), we’re able to keep our prices low for our ornaments. As long as you’re sending more than the minimum amount of fabric needed for your memory bears, we can add ornaments to your order as well ❤️ Just order them at the same time.
heart ornaments handmade

Happy Love Day 2021

LOVE 💕 It’s why we do what we do. Your love for your babies and lost loved ones, the desire to preserve a tangible piece of that love, a moment in time, it’s what drives us. Happy Valentines, friends. Stay lovely.
custom keepsake memory ornament

Keepsake Memorial Ornament

Did you know we offer embroidery on our ADD-ON Ornaments? We can hand-embroider your loved one’s initials, an important date, or both, on ornaments made from the scrap fabric from your keepsake animal order.
Memorial Teddy Bear and Ornaments

Memorial Teddy Bear and Ornaments

Our keepsake ornaments are an add-on to any memory animal order as long as you’ll have some extra fabric. We made this one with remainder fabric from this small memorial bear. Ornaments are available in singles and sets of three in heart shape or round.
memory bear from clothes

Memory Bear Made from a Thermal Shirt

We made this beautiful memorial bear from a favourite shirt. The customer opted to order one of our add-on ornaments as well!
memorial ornaments for christmas

Memorial Ornaments for the Holidays

Did you know we offer ornaments as add-ons to your memorial animal order? Whether you put them away and bring them out for the holidays, or hang them out all year, they’re a great way to use up scraps from your loved one’s clothing and keep them close to your heart. 💚