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memory llama made from shirts

Memory Llama Made From Shirts

Squeee! How cute is this memory llama?! He’s made from a couple of favourite shirts and is so handsome!
Get a memory llama made from your loved one’s clothing here:
baby clothes keepsake llama

Baby Clothes Keepsake Llama

We made this super duper cute baby keepsake llama from a little footed sleeper and a newborn beanie. It doesn’t get much cuter!
memory llama stuffed animal

Memory Llama Stuffed Animal

We made 7 of these adorable small keepsake llamas (as well as 7 matching lambs) recently. This was quite the project! We hope the family is loving on their fuzzy little memorial animals for years to come.
memory llama stuffed animal

Memorial Llama made from a Sweater

We worked extra hard designing this llama keepsake pattern. It’s so nice to see it made from a customer’s sweater!