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broncos memory bear

Broncos Memory Bear

We made this memorial bear with a favourite t-shirt of a Broncos fan 🧡
memory bears for the family

Memory bears for the Whole Family!

Memory bears: We often get orders for 4-20 bears at a time for grieving families. They send a selection of treasured clothing - usually shirts, pyjama pants or bathrobes - and we turn them into beautiful keepsakes for each family member. Custom hand-embroidered details, like names and dates, make them all the more special and unique.
pjs memory bear

Memory Bear made from Pajamas

Throwback to one of our favourites. This little guy is a small memory bear, one of several that we made from a treasured pair of jammie pants. He’s SO cute!
Grampy Embroidered Memory Bear

Grampy Embroidered Memory Bear

Embroidery. At Nestling Kids Keepsakes we love seeing all of the different names you call your grandparents. We regularly embroider Grandma & Grandpa, Oma & Opa, Nanny, Grampy, Bubbie… and all sorts of creative outliers like G-ma, Pappy, GiGi… What do you call your grandparents?
memory teddy bear

Small Memory Bear Made from a Dress

Happy Monday! Here’s a lovely little small size memory bear made from a dress. It’s so pretty!
sweater memory bear

Sweater Memory Bear

We made this lovely memorial bear from a favourite stripey sweater. What a perfect fabric choice for a cuddly heirloom teddy bear!
Bubby's Memory Teddy Bear

Bubby's Memory Bear

Here’s a sweet memory bear we made from a Bubby’s favourite blouse. We love the purple plaid and pretty button. 💜 Get a memory bear made from your loved one’s clothing here:
pet memory teddy bear

Dog Coat Memorial Bear

We made this sweet pet memorial bear from a favourite large size dog coat. What a beautiful way to remember a beloved furry family member 💕