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what is a memory bear

What is a Memory Bear? And how can I get one?

We make custom teddy bears and other stuffed animals from your clothing, blankets and other fabric items. We can help you get that precious clothing out of the closet and on display in your home. Whether it’s your baby’s hospital blanket, coming home outfit or first Christmas outfit, your Grandma’s favourite robe or Grandpa’s flannel shirt, we take your fabric and upcycle it into a beautiful keepsake stuffed animal.
baby clothes memory bear

Fuzzy Baby Memory Bear with Paw Prints

Look how perfectly the paw print feet of the little bunting suit we used to make this baby keepsake bear fit as the feet of the bear! It turned out beautifully!
sweater memory bear

Sweater Memory Bear

We made this lovely memorial bear from a favourite stripey sweater. What a perfect fabric choice for a cuddly heirloom teddy bear!
angel memory teddy bear

Angel Memory Bear made from a Suit

Angel bears are often difficult, as they are almost always memorials for beloved family members. They are also extremely rewarding to create. We made this handsome memory angel bear from a very special suit and tie. We hope he can bring some comfort 💕
Baby Clothes Memory Bear

Baby Clothes Memory Bear

We made this adorable baby keepsake bear from a favourite footed sleeper and two onesies. Our customer’s great fabric choices made our work designing this memory bear easy!
boston bruins memory bear

Bruins Jersey Memory Bear

We made this beautiful memorial bear from a special Bruins hoodie. Sports jerseys come with their own set of challenges when transforming them into teddy bears, and this one came out perfectly!
Nestling Kids Keepsakes Reviews

Nestling Kids Keepsakes Reviews

We love hearing from you. Reviews are oftentimes the only way we know if you’re happy and they’re so valuable for our decision making on what to tweak and what direction to take our business in the future. Thank you to each of you who have reviewed your Nestling Kids Keepsakes purchase, whether publicly or in a private message. We appreciate your feedback! 🥰
memory bear unicorn

Memory Unicorn made from Baby Clothes

Are unicorns still the big thing? Or have they been eclipsed by another animal? Regardless, we made this adorable baby keepsake unicorn from the CUTEST fleece footed sleeper.
bunny memory bear

Floral Baby Keepsake Bunny

How beautiful is this tiny sleepy bunny? We made it from the most gorgeous floral baby sleeper. 💕
Our tiny memory bears are a great alternative to our larger, more expensive baby keepsakes. Whether you only have a small amount of fabric, or you'd like a smaller keepsake stuffed animal, we can make our tiny memory bears and other animals from something as small as a preemie sized footed sleeper.
hospital blanket baby keepsake

Our NEW Keepsake Animal - The Keepsake Deer!

We’re so excited to introduce the Deer to the Nestling Kids Keepsakes menagerie! This little cutie is available in two sizes now at The deer is our first new animal in over a year and a great new addition to our memory bears and other animals.