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Seahawks Memory Bear

Seahawks Memory Bear

We made this Seahawks memorial bear from a soft fleece pillow cover. What a beautiful keepsake for a football fan!
dad's jammies memory bear

Dad's Memory Bears

One of six small memory bears we made from Dad’s favourite flannel jammie pants.
Thank you to each of our customers for entrusting us with you loved ones’ precious clothing. It truly is an honour to create keepsakes for you.
sweater memory bear

Sweater Memory Bear

We made this gorgeous large memory bear with one of Dad’s favourite sweaters and Mom’s favourite shirts. What a wonderful idea, to combine their clothes into one precious keepsake teddy bear!
flannel shirt memory bear

Flannel Shirt Memory Bear

We made this beautiful memorial bear from a favourite flannel shirt. We can use just about any type of fabric for our memory bears, but flannel has the perfect amount of stretch and is soft enough to make a near-perfect teddy bear. This one is a great example 🥰
memory bears for the family

Memory bears for the Whole Family!

Memory bears: We often get orders for 4-20 bears at a time for grieving families. They send a selection of treasured clothing - usually shirts, pyjama pants or bathrobes - and we turn them into beautiful keepsakes for each family member. Custom hand-embroidered details, like names and dates, make them all the more special and unique.
polo shirt memory bear

Polo Shirt Memory Bear

We made this dapper striped memorial bear from a favourite polo style shirt. How handsome is he?! 😍
polo shirt memory teddy bear

Polo Shirt Memory Bear

Polo shirts make fantastic memory bears - often the fabric is just the right combination of sturdy and stretchy to make a really attractive bear.
We made this memorial teddy bear from a really nice striped polo shirt. Isn’t he handsome?
plaid flannel memory bear

Flannel Shirt Memory Bear

There’s something about a charming memorial bear made from a soft plaid flannel shirt. What a comfort this guy must be to a grieving family member. 💕 Worried that your loved one's favourite shirt is too worn out or stained to have made into a memory bear? We have options for you! Contact us with the details and we'll figure out the best way to use whatever clothing you have to make a beautiful memorial for you.
what is a memory bear

What is a Memory Bear? And how can I get one?

We make custom teddy bears and other stuffed animals from your clothing, blankets and other fabric items. We can help you get that precious clothing out of the closet and on display in your home. Whether it’s your baby’s hospital blanket, coming home outfit or first Christmas outfit, your Grandma’s favourite robe or Grandpa’s flannel shirt, we take your fabric and upcycle it into a beautiful keepsake stuffed animal.
baby clothes memory bear

Fuzzy Baby Memory Bear with Paw Prints

Look how perfectly the paw print feet of the little bunting suit we used to make this baby keepsake bear fit as the feet of the bear! It turned out beautifully!
sweater memory bear

Sweater Memory Bear

We made this lovely memorial bear from a favourite stripey sweater. What a perfect fabric choice for a cuddly heirloom teddy bear!
angel memory teddy bear

Angel Memory Bear made from a Suit

Angel bears are often difficult, as they are almost always memorials for beloved family members. They are also extremely rewarding to create. We made this handsome memory angel bear from a very special suit and tie. We hope he can bring some comfort 💕