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baby clothes quilted pillow cover

Memory Quilted Pillow Cover

The quilted baby clothes memory pillow has to be our favourite one. The possibilities are endless with all those little patchwork squares! Blankets, jammies, coming home outfits, even hospital hats would work. What fabric would you include in a memory pillow?
Get a keepsake pillow made from your baby clothes here:
memory pillow made from a shirt

Cozy Memory Pillows

The wind is howling out there today. It’s a perfect day to stay home and cuddle with your favourite keepsake pillow.
quilted memory pillow

Quilted Memory Pillow

Our quilted memory pillows are fashionable AND comfy! This 4-block quilted pillow was made from three shirts and a pair of pants that look really great together. If you’re unsure about which fabrics to use, message us and we can help you decide.
shirt memory pillow

Memory Pillows Are Here!!

We’re so excited to announce, after you asked for them literally for years, Nestling Kids Keepsakes are finally offering beautiful, huggable memory pillow covers!
We have 1-shirt memorial pillows in two sizes, quilted memorial pillows in two styles, and quilted pillows made from baby clothes. Available with or without pillow forms and an optional embroidered memorial poem, our pillow covers are an excellent and economical way to keep your loved one’s clothing close to your heart ❤️