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teddy bear made from sweater

Sweater Memory Bear

We made this beautiful, huggable memory bear from a favourite striped sweater.
Bubby's Memory Teddy Bear

Bubby's Memory Bear

Here’s a sweet memory bear we made from a Bubby’s favourite blouse. We love the purple plaid and pretty button. 💜 Get a memory bear made from your loved one’s clothing here:
boston bruins memory bear

Bruins Jersey Memory Bear

We made this beautiful memorial bear from a special Bruins hoodie. Sports jerseys come with their own set of challenges when transforming them into teddy bears, and this one came out perfectly!
memorial angel teddy bear

Memorial Angel Teddy Bear

Oh, this gorgeous angel bear! She’s made from a beautiful dress and features two dates embroidered on her paws.

man's shirt memory bear

Polo Shirt Memorial Bear

This handsome memorial bear was made from a favourite polo shirt. We love how unique each memory animal is - as unique as the people they are meant to honour.
baby keepsake teddy bears

Happy New Year from Nestling Kids Keepsakes

May the new year bring us joy, love and peace. May we face adversity with empathy and grace. Happy New Year, friends!

weighted teddy bear

Keepsake Birth Weight Teddy Bear

Love this sweet bear print birth weight bear! Weighted bears have gained in popularity SO much this year. Though we never stop learning and growing, we’re feeling pretty good about our weighted bear process and the results. 🐻‍❄️
teddy bear from baby clothes

Baby Clothes Keepsake Teddy Bear

We love the mix of prints our customer chose for this adorable baby clothes keepsake bear! It’s just so perfect 😍
Small Memory Bear made from a Shirt

Small Memory Bear made from a Shirt

We love hearing from happy customers. 😀 This little memorial bear is so handsome! The review came via Etsy.
memory bear from clothes

Memory Bear Made from a Thermal Shirt

We made this beautiful memorial bear from a favourite shirt. The customer opted to order one of our add-on ornaments as well!
memory bear

Lovely Memory Bear Review

Love this review via Etsy! It’s never a bad idea to give yourself a meaningful gift. 💕
Classic Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

Classic Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

There’s something about a sweet and simple memorial bear. We made this classic teddy bear from a classic button-down shirt and he’s perfect 💕