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baby keepsake bunny

Hand Embroidered Keepsake Faces

Like our name & date embroidery, the faces of our tiny keepsake animals are hand-drawn then embroidered by hand. It takes longer than using a stencil but makes each one even more unique and special.
Our tiny animals can be made with something as small as a preemie size footed sleeper!
baby keepsake bunny

Tiny Baby Keepsake Bunny

We had the privilege of making this adorable tiny baby keepsake bunny for my friend, Audrey. We made it from clothes worn by all three of her (not-so-little-anymore) babies! It’s just so sweet 🥰 Our tiny keepsake animals can be made with something as small as a preemie baby sleeper.
bunny memory bear

Floral Baby Keepsake Bunny

How beautiful is this tiny sleepy bunny? We made it from the most gorgeous floral baby sleeper. 💕
Our tiny memory bears are a great alternative to our larger, more expensive baby keepsakes. Whether you only have a small amount of fabric, or you'd like a smaller keepsake stuffed animal, we can make our tiny memory bears and other animals from something as small as a preemie sized footed sleeper.
bunny stuffed animal baby keepsake

Tiny Bunny Made from a Baby Sleeper

We made this super adorable Tiny Sleepy Bunny from a buffalo check baby sleeper. It doesn’t get much cuter!