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vintage baby quilt memory puppy

Vintage Baby Blanket Keepsake Puppy

We made this sweet baby keepsake puppy dog from a vintage baby quilt. Vintage fabrics can be challenging to work with, but it’s always worth it!
Get a keepsake puppy made from your baby blanket here:
vintage baby quilt keepsake

Memory Puppy Made from Vintage Quilt

Throwback to this baby keepsake puppy we made a few years ago from a very well-loved baby quilt. This one was a real challenge, but SO worth it! It was thrilling to bring new life back to this vintage quilt and get it out on display where it belongs.
baby quilt deer stuffed animal

Baby Quilt Deer

We made this large size keepsake deer from a vintage baby quilt. It’s so perfect!
baby blanket keepsake teddy bear

Baby Blanket Keepsake Bear Review

Aw, we loved making this bear! 💞It’s so nice to hear from happy customers.
stuffed animal made from an old baby blanket

Keepsake Puppy made from a Vintage Baby Quilt

lashback to one of the most difficult projects we’ve completed. We made this baby keepsake puppy from a very well-loved (read: tattered) vintage baby quilt. It was so tricky, but so rewarding to breathe new life into a favourite blankey!