Embroidery Options


Add your loved one's initials, birthdate or name embroidered right onto your memory bear or keepsake animal! Choose your embroidery option in the drop down menu on each listing.

NOTE: very furry fabric (ie. fun fur, sherpa) does not work well for embroidery

Choose the INITIALS option to have your loved one's initials (up to 3 letters) added to the animal. 
Choose DATE to add an important date to the animal (format 00/00/0000). 
Choose NAME to have your loved one's name (up to 10 letters) added to the animal
Choose INITIALS & DATE to add both initials and a date to the animal
Choose NAME & DATE to add a name to the back and a date to the animal
Choose DATE & DATE to add a date to the animal
Choose NAME & 2 DATES to add a name and two dates to the animal

Placement of the embroidery varies according to each animal and is generally not subject to changes.

embroidered memory bears