Production Queue

A note about keepsake work flow:

Keepsake Memory Bears 6-8 weeks

Once you place your order for a keepsake animal or doll, you will get an email within 24 hours, sent by an actual person, with instructions on where and how to send your fabric to us. Each business day we collect all parcels from our parcel locker in the late evening. When yours arrives we will email you with a ship date about 6-8 weeks from that day (up to 10 weeks if your order contains more than four items). We ship every Tuesday. We print your order details, place it with your fabric in a ziplock bag, and add it to the wooden dresser. Over the next 5 weeks or so, as we work our way through the keepsakes in the order in which they arrived, your fabric makes its way up from the bottom drawer to the top.

About 10-14 days before your ship date your order goes into one of the plastic drawers. That’s when the real work begins! We dismantle the clothing, prepare the fabric, cut out and pin the pattern pieces, complete any embroidery and sew the orders in each of the plastic drawers. The day before we plan to ship your order, your keepsake is stuffed and completed. The next morning it is photographed, packed, a shipping label is affixed (that’s when you get your tracking information) and it’s packed in a large box with all of the other orders from that week. A courier comes to pick them up directly from us. Canadian orders are then distributed from Richmond, BC. Orders bound for the US are taken across the border by our brokerage agents and are shipped by UPS/USPS right to you!

At any given time we have 40-60 open orders and each of those customers has their own timelines and deadlines. To keep the process fair for everyone, we always complete keepsakes in the order in which the fabric is received. We do not accept rush orders, but always strive to complete everyone’s order in a timely manner while maintaining the highest standards of quality. 

By purchasing a keepsake animal, you are reserving a spot in our workflow schedule, and once that schedule is full we close for new orders for a time. We require fabric be sent in promptly after payment to keep our timelines fair and accurate. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we have not received your fabric within 4 weeks of purchase.