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bear made from baby clothes

Beautiful Baby Clothes Teddy Bear

This little grey baby keepsake bear turned out beautifully. We love the mix of fabrics our customer chose!
custom weighted teddy bears

Keepsake Birth Weight Teddy Bears

Gimme a hug! At 10lbs 3oz this guy is the heaviest birth weight bear we’ve made yet! Check out all of our weighted bear options at We can accommodate babies from micro-preemie size right up to 13lbs.
military uniform memorial bears

USAF Military Memorial Bears

This is a big part of why we do what we do. Helping to provide a little comfort to grieving families is an honour we never anticipated but wholeheartedly embrace. Thank you for trusting us with your precious clothing!
t-rex baby keepsake stuffy

Tyrannosaurus Rex Baby Keepsake Stuffy

We made this adorable baby keepsake t-Rex from a couple of cute little rompers. The graphic just fit perfectly! 🤩
memory bear made from shirt

Flannel Shirt Memorial Bear

Love this classic plaid memorial bear! We made it from a soft flannel button down shirt. Flannel is such a dream to work with and always makes a beautiful bear.
Birth Weight and Length Bear

Birth Weight and Length Bear

Oh, this adorable birth weight bear! 🥰 We made him from a selection of footed sleepers, a blanket and a fuzzy lovey. He’s so sweet!
Toddler Dress Keepsake Bear

Toddler Dress Keepsake Bear

How sweet is this baby keepsake bear?! We made her from an awesome tiger print toddler dress and a pair of leggings for contrast. Love it! 💞
Baby Clothes Keepsake Bear

Baby Clothes Keepsake Bear

We made the cuddliest baby keepsake bear ever from a little fleece hooded romper. It’s SO soft!!
baby keepsake teddy bears

Happy New Year from Nestling Kids Keepsakes

May the new year bring us joy, love and peace. May we face adversity with empathy and grace. Happy New Year, friends!

Baby's First Christmas Bear

Baby's First Christmas Keepsake Animals

What to do with your Baby’s First Christmas outfit? Send it to us and we’ll make an adorable keepsake animal! It’s the perfect way to preserve that sweet little outfit to bring you joy each and every year. 😍
birth weight bear

Baby Blanket Birth Weight Teddy Bear

We made this sweet birth weight keepsake bear from a special shirt and a plush blanket. It’s SO soft and cuddly!
Tiny Baby Keepsake Bears

Tiny Baby Keepsake Bears

Tiny sleepy bears are the best! We love their simple shape and sweet embroidered faces. They’re a more affordable option compared with our larger bears too! Get a tiny keepsake bear made from your baby clothes here: