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keepsake and memorial stuffed animals

Keepsake and Memorial Stuffed Animals

Just a few of our recent favourites... The past few months have been such a roller coaster for all of us, personally and professionally. Running a small business, being a major breadwinner, trying to keep a home running somewhat smoothly, all during a pandemic, has been scary and stressful and frustrating and paradoxically wonderful and rewarding...
star wars monkey memory monkey

Darth Vader Memory Monkey Stuffed Animal

Gotta love this Dark Side memory monkey! He was made from a favourite Darth Vader t-shirt.
Get a memory monkey made from your loved one’s favourite t-shirt here:
star wars t-shirt keepsake elephant

Star Wars T-shirt Elephant Stuffed Animal

We made this ultra cool Star Wars memory elephant from a favourite t-shirt.
memory dragon stuffed animal

Memory Dragon made from Dad's Shirts

This large memory dragon with prayer flags is definitely a recent favourite. It’s made from a couple of Dad's well-loved t-shirts.
memory elephant stuffed animal

Memory Elephant made from a Sweater

We made this memorial elephant from a beautiful cable knit sweater and a favourite t-shirt. What a gorgeous keepsake!
memory flamingo stuffed animal

Memory Flamingo made from Shirts

We made this super awesome memorial flamingo from a couple of flannel shirts. Love love love how it turned out! 😃
memory bear made from a shirt

Memorial Teddy Bear Made from a Shirt

Who wants a hug? We all need a little extra cuddle these days and this memory bear made from a denim shirt looks perfect for the job 🥰
a pair of memory bears

A Matching Pair of Memory Bears

A pair of small memory bears made from a couple of vintage adventuring shirts. Lots of memories sewn up in these darlings.
memorial tyrannosaurus made from a shirt

Memorial T-rex made from a Hawaiian Shirt

Does it get any better than a t-Rex made from a Hawaiian shirt? 💗
memorial scottie dog made from shirts

Memorial Scottie Dog Made from Shirts

We love Scottie dogs! We made this memorial Scottie from a combo of a grey t-shirt and blue button down. He’s just adorable!
memory llama stuffed animal

Memorial Llama made from a Sweater

We worked extra hard designing this llama keepsake pattern. It’s so nice to see it made from a customer’s sweater!
memorial bear made from a shirt

Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

We can’t help but smile looking at this beautiful brightly coloured memorial bear!