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adult shirt memory bears

Memory Bear Made from Shirts

We love our customer’s fabric choices for this sweet memory bear - a twill button down and colourful Hawaiian style shirt
heart ornaments handmade

Happy Love Day 2021

LOVE 💕 It’s why we do what we do. Your love for your babies and lost loved ones, the desire to preserve a tangible piece of that love, a moment in time, it’s what drives us. Happy Valentines, friends. Stay lovely.
rcmp memory bear

Memorial Bear for an RCMP Member

We made this lovely memorial bear from a well-worn hoodie and a special RCMP patch. It manages to say so much about our customer’s loved one without saying a word!
custom keepsake memory ornament

Keepsake Memorial Ornament

Did you know we offer embroidery on our ADD-ON Ornaments? We can hand-embroider your loved one’s initials, an important date, or both, on ornaments made from the scrap fabric from your keepsake animal order.
small pink memory bear

Memorial Teddy Bear made from a Shirt

We made this sweet small memorial bear from a favourite plaid shirt. How beautiful is she?! 💕
flannel shirt memory bear

Memorial Elephant Stuffed Animal

This handsome memorial elephant is a recent favourite of ours. He’s made from a couple of special flannel shirts and features initials hand-embroidered on his ear.
memorial angel teddy bear

Memorial Angel Teddy Bear

Oh, this gorgeous angel bear! She’s made from a beautiful dress and features two dates embroidered on her paws.

harley davidson shirt memorial

Dino Made from Harley Davidson Shirt

We made this cool small memorial dino from a favourite Harley Davidson t-shirt. 💕
memory turtle made from shirts

Memory Turtle Made from Shirts

This large memorial turtle was a challenge to make, but so worth it! We made it from a flannel shirt and a couple of favourite sweatshirts.
man's shirt memory bear

Polo Shirt Memorial Bear

This handsome memorial bear was made from a favourite polo shirt. We love how unique each memory animal is - as unique as the people they are meant to honour.
military uniform memorial bears

USAF Military Memorial Bears

This is a big part of why we do what we do. Helping to provide a little comfort to grieving families is an honour we never anticipated but wholeheartedly embrace. Thank you for trusting us with your precious clothing!
memory bear made from shirt

Flannel Shirt Memorial Bear

Love this classic plaid memorial bear! We made it from a soft flannel button down shirt. Flannel is such a dream to work with and always makes a beautiful bear.