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Harley Davidson Shirt Memorial Bear

Harley Davidson Shirt Memorial Bear

We have made many, many memorial animals from Harley Davidson t-shirts, but this was our first made from an HD button-down shirt! It’s so sweet. 
Memory Bear Customer Review

Memory Bear Customer Review

We can’t always line up all the stripes and plaids, but we sure try our best! It’s nice that people appreciate our attention to detail 🥰 Review via Etsy.
memory octopus stuffed animal

Memory Octopus Stuffed Animal

We don’t get to make many octopi, which is too bad because they’re SOOO cute! This small memorial octopus was made from a couple of favourite t-shirts.
keepsake memorial stuffed animals

Keepsakes Made in October/November!

It feels good to see the light at the end of the holiday tunnel. We wrapped up the holiday orders this week and we can have a small break before starting on the next batch. We’re currently booking late January 😊
Small Memory Bear made from a Shirt

Small Memory Bear made from a Shirt

We love hearing from happy customers. 😀 This little memorial bear is so handsome! The review came via Etsy.
Memorial Bear made from a Sweater

Memorial Bear made from a Sweater

We love this beautiful, huggable memorial bear. It was made from Grandma’s favourite sweater.
memorial keepsake elephant

Memorial Elephant Made from Pyjamas

Elephants! We love elephants! This pretty memorial elephant was made from favourite pyjamas that were super soft and cuddly. 💕
memory bear from clothes

Memory Bear Made from a Thermal Shirt

We made this beautiful memorial bear from a favourite shirt. The customer opted to order one of our add-on ornaments as well!
memory bear

Lovely Memory Bear Review

Love this review via Etsy! It’s never a bad idea to give yourself a meaningful gift. 💕
horse stuffed animal

Customers Love Our Small Memory Horse!

Reviews like this make us so happy! Our mission is to create keepsakes to be treasured for generations. Also, how cool is the cowboy boot gingham shirt fabric our customer provided for us to make a small memory horse?! Just perfect. 😊
Classic Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

Classic Memorial Bear made from a Shirt

There’s something about a sweet and simple memorial bear. We made this classic teddy bear from a classic button-down shirt and he’s perfect 💕
keepsake turtle stuffed animal

Memory Turtle made from a Shirt

Love this memorial turtle! It’s made from a favourite t-shirt.
Get a memory turtle made from your loved one’s clothing here: