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baby blanket kitty

Hospital Blanket Baby Keepsake Kitty Cat

We’ve been lucky enough to make a few baby keepsake kitties lately. This one, made from a hospital blanket, is so cute!
hospital blanket baby keepsake bear

Hospital Blanket Baby Keepsake Bear

There’s something about a classic hospital blanket keepsake bear 💕
baby keepsake fox teddy bear

Baby Keepsake Fox Stuffed Animal

We’re so in love with this beautiful baby keepsake fox! The customer’s fabric choices are spot on 😊
handcrafted baby keepsake teddy bear

Handcrafted Baby Keepsake Bear with Embroidery

We made this gorgeous baby keepsake bear from a beautiful coming home outfit and matching baby blanket. It features initials and birthdate embroidered by hand.
baby blanket weighted bear

Birth Weight Bear Made from a Baby Blanket

We made this adorable birth weight teddy bear from a favourite flannel blanket. 😄
birth weight keepsake teddy bear

Baby Blanket Birth Weight Keepsake Bear

We made this darling birth weight keepsake bear from a sweet fox print blanket and a couple of special onesies. It’s SO cute! 😍
preemie baby birth weight bear

Preemie Baby Birth Weight Bear

A close up on the adorable face of this minky and cotton birth weight bear. It’s a little one at just over four pounds!
baby blanket keepsake bear

Remade Baby Keepsake Bear

We were recently tasked with dismantling a bear from another maker and sewing one of our baby keepsake bears with the pieces. This kind of work comes with its own unique challenges, but the bear came out beautifully and we hope the customer is happy with the result 😊
baby blanket fox keepsake

Baby Blanket Fox Keepsake

What a sweetie! We made this large baby keepsake fox from the softest minky blanket and a colourful print romper.
baby blanket keepsake kitty

Keepsake Kitty made from a Baby Blanket

We made this sweet large keepsake kitty and ornament from a beloved baby blanket. What a wonderful way to preserve a blanket when a child grows out of it!

weighted teddy bear reviews

Birth Weight Teddy Bear Reviews

Some recent reviews of weighted bears. We love making you guys so happy 😀
baby blanket keepsake teddy bear

Baby Blanket Keepsake Bear Review

Aw, we loved making this bear! 💞It’s so nice to hear from happy customers.