What is a Memory Bear? And how can I get one?

We make custom teddy bears and other stuffed animals from your clothing, blankets and other fabric items. We can help you get that precious clothing out of the closet and on display in your home. Whether it’s your baby’s hospital blanket, coming home outfit or first Christmas outfit, your Grandma’s favourite robe or Grandpa’s flannel shirt, we take your fabric and upcycle it into a beautiful keepsake stuffed animal.

what is a memory bear

We will treat your cherished fabric with respect and use it to make the most beautiful keepsake possible. You can trust us to make the best choices to highlight your special fabric on your keepsake animal. If you have ideas on how you would like specific pieces of your fabric to be used, please let us know and we will follow your requests whenever possible.

Quality is the number one goal in everything we do. By drawing on years of experience in graphic arts and customer service, we are able to create the most attractive keepsake with your treasured fabric, while guiding you through the process with compassion.

How Can I Get a Memory Bear?

The process is easy!

1. Choose your preferred keepsake animal - we offer over thirty animals in two sizes, as well as our tiny animal collection - and order it online.
2. We will send you mailing instructions for your fabric within 24 hours.
3. When we receive your fabric we will email you a confirmation with your completion date.
4. Once completed, we will notify you with your tracking information or arrange delivery.

LOCAL? We offer optional fabric pickup and order delivery within our delivery area (Okanagan Valley from Osoyoos to Summerland)

Still unsure? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for choosing Nestling Kids Keepsakes!

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