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memory llama made from shirts

Memory Llama Made From Shirts

Squeee! How cute is this memory llama?! He’s made from a couple of favourite shirts and is so handsome!
Get a memory llama made from your loved one’s clothing here:
baby clothes quilted pillow cover

Memory Quilted Pillow Cover

The quilted baby clothes memory pillow has to be our favourite one. The possibilities are endless with all those little patchwork squares! Blankets, jammies, coming home outfits, even hospital hats would work. What fabric would you include in a memory pillow?
Get a keepsake pillow made from your baby clothes here:
memory turtle made from shirts

Memory Turtle Made from Shirts

Turtle! 😍🐢 We made this awesome memorial turtle from a couple of special shirts. Love him!
Get a memory turtle made from your loved one’s clothing here:

sweater knit memory bear

Sweater Knit Keepsake Memory Bears

We got a lot of people asking if we can use knitted sweaters to make keepsakes. Absolutely! As long as the weave isn’t so loose that you can see through it, we can use it. Thicker, heavy sweater knits don’t work well for small animals like this baby keepsake bear, but we can make gorgeous large size animals with them. Not sure about your fabric? Message us and we’ll figure it out together!
Get a keepsake bear made from your baby clothes here:
upcycled christmas jammies

Christmas Pajamas Keepsakes

What to do with those special Christmas jammies now… Let us create a beautiful keepsake with them! We offer nearly 40 keepsake animals, as well as dolls, quilted pillow covers, Christmas stockings and more. Add some ornaments on to your order and keep those pajamas on your tree every year ❤️🎄
christmas memory bears

Christmas Memory Keepsakes

Baby’s First Christmas outfits, matching family jammies, special holiday tablecloths and blankets, we’ve used them all to make beautiful keepsakes. Here are just a few ❤️
christmas baby keepsake monkey

Christmas Baby Keepsake Monkey

Love this little Christmas baby keepsake monkey. What a great way to use those special Christmas outfits. So cute!
Get a keepsake monkey made from your baby clothes here:
vintage baby quilt memory puppy

Vintage Baby Blanket Keepsake Puppy

We made this sweet baby keepsake puppy dog from a vintage baby quilt. Vintage fabrics can be challenging to work with, but it’s always worth it!
Get a keepsake puppy made from your baby blanket here:
Memory Bear with Angel Wings

Memory Bear with Angel Wings

This simple grey fleece memorial angel bear is so cuddly!
Get a memory bear with angel wings made from your loved one’s clothing here:
memorial flamingo made from a shirt

Memory Flamingo made from a Shirt

We love how this gorgeous memory flamingo turned out. We made it from a super soft mustard plaid shirt, making sure to use the pattern to highlight the design of the flamingo.
Get a memory flamingo made from your loved one’s clothing here:
memory mouse made from a sweater

Memory Mouse Made from a Sweater

We made this charming memorial mouse from a favourite sweater. What a sweetie!
Get a memory mouse made from your loved one’s clothing here:
Tyrannosaurus Made from Baby Clothes

Tyrannosaurus Made from Baby Clothes

We made this adorable baby keepsake t-Rex from a dino print sleeper. This sleeper is a popular print - we’ve seen it a lot - and it looks great on the tyrannosaurus!
Get a keepsake memory t-rex made from your baby clothes here: