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keepsake bear made from baby bedding

Keepsake Teddy made from Baby Bedding

Check out this adorable baby keepsake bear we made from a cute zigzag print crib sheet!
memory elephant stuffed animal

Memory Elephant made from a Sweater

We made this memorial elephant from a beautiful cable knit sweater and a favourite t-shirt. What a gorgeous keepsake!
memory flamingo stuffed animal

Memory Flamingo made from Shirts

We made this super awesome memorial flamingo from a couple of flannel shirts. Love love love how it turned out! 😃
patchwork baby clothes teddy bear

Patchwork Baby Clothes Bear

Oh, this sweetie patchwork style baby keepsake bear! 💗 We made her with a few little sleepers and onesies. Cutest!
memory bear made from a shirt

Memorial Teddy Bear Made from a Shirt

Who wants a hug? We all need a little extra cuddle these days and this memory bear made from a denim shirt looks perfect for the job 🥰
keepsake birth weighted bear

Keepsake Birth Weight Teddy Bear

Love the honest feedback via Etsy!
PS- the bulk of the weight in our weighted bears is in the torso, but there are weighted bean bags in the head and feet as well. 🐻

baby clothes monkey stuffed animal

Baby Clothes Keepsake Monkey Stuffed Animal

We are so I love with this baby keepsake monkey! The heather grey and floral is such a great fabric combo. 🥰
custom doll family two moms two kids

Custom Family of Dolls

Mom ordered this sweet doll family as a birthday gift for the child on the left. We hope she loves them! 💗
a pair of memory bears

A Matching Pair of Memory Bears

A pair of small memory bears made from a couple of vintage adventuring shirts. Lots of memories sewn up in these darlings.
stuffed animal made from an old baby blanket

Keepsake Puppy made from a Vintage Baby Quilt

lashback to one of the most difficult projects we’ve completed. We made this baby keepsake puppy from a very well-loved (read: tattered) vintage baby quilt. It was so tricky, but so rewarding to breathe new life into a favourite blankey!
mexican blanket striped keepsake raccoon stuffed animal

Colourful Striped Baby Keepsake Raccoon

Flashback to one of our favourite keepsakes we made this past year - this impossibly adorable stripey baby keepsake raccoon. 😍
memorial tyrannosaurus made from a shirt

Memorial T-rex made from a Hawaiian Shirt

Does it get any better than a t-Rex made from a Hawaiian shirt? 💗